Senior Pet and Hospice Care


Do you have a senior pet? Did you know that the oldest age for a dog is 29 years, and the oldest cat was 38? (Guinness Book of World Records) While your pet may not break any records for living the longest, there are many ways to ensure that your senior pet has a long and healthy life. Preventive medicine is key.

If your pet is seven years old, you have a middle aged pet. As you begin to notice changes in your pet’s capabilities, it may be time to start twice a year visits to your veterinarian for examinations. Special health care packages for senior pets become more and more important as your pet ages. Blood tests, EKGs, radiographs, and other diagnostics. 


We also work with several local organizations that can provide support for those with an aging pet, including Peaceful Passings Rescue. Animal hospice gives families more time with a senior pet and eases the adjustment approaching death. This strengthening of the bond between owner and pet aids in preparing for the loss of a precious companion. Animal hospice also makes it possible for pets to enjoy the final days of life at home, in the company of the ones they love.

Quality of Life Consultations

Our animal hospital family knows how hard it can be for your family as your pet develops life changing or age related conditions like cancer, kidney failure, or dementia. Sometimes despite everyone’s best efforts these conditions do not respond to therapy. You may be faced with trying to make your pet as comfortable as possible during his/her last days. That’s why our veterinarians and staff are ready with animal hospice care.

Old Dominion Animal Hospital Crozet has set aside a “quiet room” where we can offer quality of life advice in a homey, more peaceful atmosphere. We are ready to assess your pet’s health condition and help you with a care plan during this difficult time. At some point, the kindest thing for your pet may be euthanasia. Our veterinarians can offer a humane and painless passing.

Facing the loss of your pet can be difficult enough, so as a special service to our veterinary family members Old Dominion Crozet offers euthanasia for your pet at no fee. We see it as the last thing we can do for you and your pet, so we never charge for euthanizing a long time friend.