Dental Care and Dentistry

The Old Dominion Animal Hospital Crozet is proud to offer state-of-the-art dental care for your pet, including routine cleanings, dental scalings, endodontics (including root canals to save injured teeth) and extractions. We will chart the periodontal pocket of every tooth to assess oral health and keep it on record to monitor progress just as your dentist does!


Old Dominion Animal Hospital Crozet offers the highest standards in assessing and meeting your pet’s dental health needs. Working as a team of three, we provide careful attention and with multi-modal medication, maintain your pet’s comfort throughout the dental procedure, allowing your pet to go home the same afternoon. Our anesthesiology technician provides the safest anesthetic gas, and offers continuous dedicated monitoring by charting heart and pulse rates, oxygen saturation of the blood, breathing, and blood pressure. We provide quick digital dental radiography to assess each tooth root for vitality and identify any painful or diseased teeth that require endodontics or possible extraction. We are very conservative and try to save all teeth possible


Our DVMs have advanced training in providing thorough dental scaling and polishing, periodontal surgery when needed, the safest techniques in extracting multiple rooted teeth, and endodontics including root canal and vital pulpectomy.


Maintaining clean and pain free teeth throughout its life can add 2- 4 years longevity for the average pet!