Alternative Therapies

                      As advocates of whole-health holistic medicine, we offer a variety of alternative therapies for our cat and dog patients 

Laser Acupuncture

         Deep tissue laser can provide more reliable and robust stimulation to the patient's meridian map

             without the discomfort of traditional needling technique.

Laser soft tissue and joint therapy

        The variety of conditions improved by laser is vast, with benefits including reduced pain, 

               reduced swelling and quicker wound healing. From head trauma to arthritis to 

                  chronic wounds, we are constantly impressed with the therapeutic benefit!

Massage and mobility therapy

         Mobility and pain reduction add great quality of life to our pets. With chronic pain the

               original target generating pain can be replaced by muscle and nerve triggers, tissues

                  that improve dramatically through informed touch.

Cranial-Sacral Chiropractic Therapy

         Imbalance within the pelvis and in the neck can often cause a shift in body position,

                leading to discomfort, tense muscles, diminished mobility, and a variety of other symptoms.

                   CSC technique can bring this imbalance into harmony.

Osteopathic alignment        

           "The body in health as meaning perfection and harmony, not in one part, but in the whole.”  — A.T. Still

                    Manipulation of the muscle and bone structure can recreate alignment and comfort after trauma,                                  injury and in recovery for performance- this can be a great modality for our patients.

Herbal and Nutritional Therapy

            Includes herb combinations and supplements for joint health, immune and periodontal health, and                              customized individual diet recommendations.


Stem Cell Therapy    

         Dr Schulman has been certified since 2009 in the harvesting and implantation of a patient's own cell line

                      to promote healing and recovery for arthritis, bone and tendon injuries.


Call us today to set up an appointment with Dr. Schulman to discuss how these alternative therapies might benefit your furry friend!

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